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Allison Buenger

Visual Arts (Sculpture, Fiber Arts, 2D Mixed Media, 3D Mixed Media, Ceramics)

By utilizing various materials along with found elements in her work, Allison Buenger examines the relationship between occupier and space and its subsequent implications.  She is especially interested in how physical possessions reveal and explain the interaction between a person and their home.  

Allison Buenger graduated from Ohio State University in 2009.  She attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in ceramics. She continues to create both two- and three-dimensional work in a variety of mediums. Originally from Hartville in northeastern Ohio, she cannot remember a time she did not seek out art experiences. She worked for nearly five years as an art facilitator and administrator at Open Door Art Studio following the completion of her BFA.  She now works at the Wexner Center for the Arts. She is a member of CAW, The Ohio Art League and Roy G Biv.  
Upcoming Events
March 2015
Behind Closed Doors: An Exhibition of Big Conversations in a Small Place
S.Dot Gallery run by Stephanie Rond
Columbus, Ohio
Photos here

April 11, 2015
This Inspired That
Open Door Art Studio
Grandview Heights, Ohio

May 30, 2015
CAW Presents Remnants
Urban Arts Space
Columbus, Ohio
Levittown Study No. 3 Exhalation Safekeeping Safekeeping, detail Amalgamation and the Mix-Up No. 1 and No.2 The Mix-Up No. 2, detail Plaid Lens Static Static, detail Namesake and Reiteration Namesake, detail Reiteration, detail Appliances
Allison Buenger
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