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J M L Patty

Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Photography)

I have been fascinating by horses from as long as I can remember. Much of my work focuses on equines, both real and fantastical.

I am also influenced by the work of M. C. Escher in my abstract drawings. His whimsical style and masterful use of graphite pencils inspires me.

In photography, my goal is to capture nothing less than the soul of the subject at the other end of my lens.



Upright Violin - Warm Wilbur Girl With Horse The Blue and the White - Thesiarr The Blue and the White - Prince Linneus Riding Sallust Ember Kissed By The Sun Rising Storm Columbus Ohio Downtown 02 Abstract American Flag Abstract Drawing 01 - Young Woman Abstract Drawing 02 - Tigerphant
J M L Patty
  • Yes, I am interested in allowing businesses to purchase or display my work
  • Yes, I am open to selling my work under payment plans
  • Yes, I am available for demonstrations
  • Yes, I offer classes

Profile created: Sep 14th, 2013
Profile last updated: May 3rd, 2014

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