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International Cage Fighting Alliance

International Cage Fighting Alliance (ICFA), LLC is a U.S. based organization that seeks to deliver to the Midwest markets the art, discipline, respect, and passion that is mixed martial arts (MMA).

Our organization is committed to the growth of MMA and is focused on creating a positive experience for both fighters and fans. We work hard to organize the fights that fighters want to fight and fans want to see by arranging the most competitive and interesting matches. Not only will we bring nationally recognized athletes, but we will also recruit local athletes and help grow them in the sport to be recognized nationally. The

ICFA seeks to grow through innovation, high production values, dramatic and engaging fights and the promotion of authentic MMA. Above all, we are committed to showcase our fighters, fans, and organization through various mediums in a positive sports-entertainment environment.

Upcoming Events

There are no scheduled upcoming events.


30 E Columbus St
Columbus, OH 43206
614-425-1089 (phone)

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